COVID-19-related restrictions are beginning to ease as Canada continues to trend in a positive direction; larger gatherings and events are gradually becoming more accessible and safe for the public thanks to growing vaccination rates and continued efforts made by Canadians. 

To ensure Canada continues to trend in the right direction, and so that people can continue to have access to community events and gatherings, some new safety regulations are being implemented.

On September 21, the government of New Brunswick announced that people aged 12 years or older will be required to show proof of vaccination in order to engage with the following businesses, events, and gatherings:

  • Indoor festivals, performing arts, and sporting events
  • Indoor and outdoor dining and drinking at restaurants, pubs, and bars
  • Movie theatres, nightclubs, amusement centres, pool halls, bowling alleys, and casinos
  • Gyms, indoor pools, and indoor recreation facilities
  • Indoor group exercise facilities
  • Indoor organized gatherings including weddings, funerals, parties (excluding parties in a private dwelling), conferences, and workshops
  • Indoor organized group recreational sports, classes, and activities
  • Visiting a long-term care facility

A record of immunization from a RHA clinic, pharmacy, or public healthcare facility will need to be obtained. The original copy, a photocopy, or photograph of your immunization record can be used to provide proof of your vaccination status when engaging with any of the previously mentioned regulated businesses, events, or gatherings. 

Alternatively, for individuals aged 16 years or older, the service MyHealthNB can be used. Users can access MyHealthNB via the mobile app or through the online portal at 

To access your immunization information with MyHealthNB, you simply need a Medicare number, the date you were vaccinated, and the registration code given to you by the facility at which you were vaccinated. 

This means MyHealthNB can still be used even if your original immunization record has been lost or damaged; however, the original, hard copy of your immunization record remains your official record. 

There will also be the option to generate a QR code, which can be printed or stored on a mobile device so that your immunization record can be accessed with the quick and easy scan of any QR code reader or app. 

In addition to any of these methods of proving your vaccination status, you will also be required to present a piece of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, Medicare card, or passport. 

For those who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical exemption, you will still be able to access these businesses and events; however, you will be required to provide a medical exemption certificate signed by your healthcare provider, as well as government-issued identification.

Anyone who is found to be using or providing false immunization records or medical exceptions will be subject to fines ranging from $172.50 to $772.50, including a 20% victim surcharge and a $4.50 administrative fee.