The Brunswickan is Canada’s oldest student publication, founded in 1867 when the University of New Brunswick was still King’s College. It was a founding member of Canadian University Press, Canada’s union of university publications, and was once one of the largest community newspapers in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. The Bruns remains vital not only as the voice of UNB’s students, but also as a voice of independent journalism, as the paper runs as a completely independent entity under Brunswickan Publishing. In a province where a single family owns every major news outlet, even small news publications play a vital role in ensuring that the truth is told.

With a history that spans 154 years The Brunswickan is more than just a student publication. It is a magazine that spans College Hill, spans the Wolastoq, spans centuries. We have had editors in World Wars, we have had editors thrown in jail over our articles, we have had editors fall asleep in The Cellar. We are down to printing either 300 or 400 magazines each print run, and only 7 or 8 magazines a school year, but we publish online content each week. Still, we have a long, sordid, illustrious history. We are attack dogs, we are saviours, and we are after 154 years, still kicking and biting and writing.