UNB has suspended its Study Abroad Programs through the winter term due to ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus pandemic. With fresh lockdowns being imposed, it is clear that this program would not just be potentially risky but, in some cases, impossible. 

“The safety of the UNB community continues to be our primary concern. For this reason, all inbound and outbound exchange programs will continue to be suspended for the winter term,” announced President Paul Mazerolle and Assistant Vice-President Academic (Partnerships) John Kershaw, in an email sent to students on October 15.

The spread of the pandemic across several countries in Europe and North America has directly impacted the university’s decision to put study abroad on hold. The cancellation of these programs falls in line with policies across the globe promoting lockdowns, stay at home, and remote work. 

Hundreds of students from UNB travel abroad to study through the university’s many programs each year. For many, a semester abroad is the realization of a dream to travel and explore the world, immersing themselves in another culture. 

Mazerolle and Kershaw disclosed that the decision was taken in consultation with UNB’s partner universities abroad, as well as other Canadian universities. 

“[Studying abroad] will require pre-approval by the Assistant Vice-President Academic (Partnerships) office,” the email read.

 A lot will depend on how quickly the scourge of the virus is contained in 2021, but travel to and from the UNB community has to be strictly monitored.