The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) held its annual craft sale between the 17th and the 19th of November. The event, which took place at The George Fry Gallery, is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents to the Fredericton community.


Brooxie Ross is a textile artist, and also a student at NBCCD. Her display contained beautiful knits, such as headbands and hand warmers, that seemed perfect for the cozy weather that we are inching towards. It was her first time displaying at the Craft Sale.


“Textiles are actually very broad,” she explained, “so I myself am a knitwear designer, but there is also, like, meaning there.” 


“You can make paper, lots of people die yarn. It is so broad and there is so much to it, I could probably steal your ear all day about it.”


About the craft sale itself, Ross emphasizes its importance: “For up and coming designers coming out of school, this is a very important way to display your work, to learn to put yourself out there, to speak to people, and to get feedback from customers.”


“You get to test the market before you leave school and know what you can take away from that,” she concluded. Brooxie has an Instagram account, @gingerellatextiles, where she showcases some of her work. 


Another artist—Rebecca Blankert, a 2nd year Jewelry and Metal Arts student—was displaying some of her stunning rings, earrings, and necklaces. She told us about some intricacies of her work, as well as her experience as a student at NBCCD.


“NBCCD has been so incredible,” said Blankert. 


“We have such rigorous technical training, but we’re also given the freedom to be expressive, experimental, and creative.”


“I’ve had a few post-secondary school experiences and this one is truly amazing.”


As for the items she was displaying, Blankert highlighted one of the rings as the most challenging to make.


“There is a ring, actually, that is on the front display. It is a cloud with a rainbow band, and brass stars … It was probably the most challenging piece that I had to make, but also the most satisfying, and one of the pieces that people really gravitate towards.”


Some samples of Rebecca’s work can be found in her Instagram page, @lonerock.metals. For those interested, her pieces are available for purchase on her website


The NBCCD Craft fair is a great way to support up and coming New Brunswick artists, while adorning your walls, house, and body, with spectacular art. Make sure to keep an eye on NBCCD’s announcements to catch the next sale.

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