Due to renovations at the Student Union Building (SUB) the SUB Convenience Store—that many rely on for snacks, stationary, and even groceries—is closing.


After decades of service, the SUB Convenience Store is no longer restocking its shelves. The renovations that are forcing the Convenience store to close are set to begin after the Winter 2023 semester. These renovations will see the whole top floor of the SUB closed for at least a year, according to the University.


Not only is the top floor of the SUB closing, but after the renovations, the Campus Bookstore and Pharmacy are planned to move up to the SUB. 


Interestingly, many students need to be made aware that the SUB Convenience Store is closing in the first place. 


Brian, the owner of the Convenience Store, when asked if he felt students understood the SUB Convenience Store was closing, said:


“They have no idea, to the best of my knowledge. There’s the odd one that asks me ‘why are your shelves empty?’ I just say to them ‘well we’re trying to get rid of our stock … because the store will be closing next year.”


It is unclear why the University has declined to inform students that the Convenience store is closing, mainly when many students—especially those in residence— rely on the store for everyday items and snacks.


Typifying this issue, Madison Morell, who works at the SUB Convenience Store said:


“Students [come] in saying, ‘what do you mean you’re closing? What am I going to do next year? Where am I going to get this and that?’”


Many students are shocked by the closure, despite the fact that the store is happening in less than six months.


Importantly, the owner of the Convenience store, Brian, asserted that there is no animosity between the store and University and these decisions are simply business. As a nearly seventy-year-old man, he is simply not ready to wait for over a year while the renovations occur. Although, he did intend on continuing at the SUB until retirement if the renovations had not occurred. 


There are rumblings about a new convenience store replacing the current store after the renovations finish. However, due to the University’s complete lack of communication, it is unclear if these are simply rumours or a planned project.


One way or the other, by the fall of 2023, the SUB Convenience store will be another part of UNB’s past.