On November 20, the UNB Alumni Facebook page made a post implying that the much beloved College Hill Social Club at UNB Fredericton, also known as S Club, may be closing permanently. 

The Social Club served as a night-out destination for four decades of UNB students and was a part of the student experience for many grads,” the announcement reminisced. 

The post received 205 shares and more than 700 comments from current UNB students and alumni, all of them recounting their favourite memories and showing regret for S Club’s closing. 

The College Hill Social Club was established in 1970 and remained a hotspot for many students until its closing in 2020 due to COVID. Throughout the years, S Club was known for its Ballroom events, which were often themed after things like Hallowe’en, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and Coachella.  

There were other special offers such as Ladies Night, International Night, and of course, Last Class Bash, to both welcome and end many successful school years.

You can find pictures of these eventful night-outs captured and posted on the College Hill Social Club’s Facebook page. S Club was indeed an incredible spot for UNB students to celebrate good memories. 

We haven’t been able to find out if Sclub is gone for sure, but if it is, it’ll sure as hell be missed. The club hasn’t reopened since March of 2020, and the Alumni’s Facebook post seems to imply that maybe long nights of scluba-diving are behind us. However, there is hope – the space that housed (or houses?) S Club is large, and could generate a lot of income for the SUB, so it’s not impossible to think that if COVID stays under control, Ladies Night might return one day. After all, what’s UNB without S Club? Certainly not very social.