The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) organized demonstrations outside Loblaw Company Limited stores in nine Canadian cities, including Halifax, Moncton, and Fredericton. These protests aimed to highlight the issue of price gouging by major grocery chains and to demand fair pricing for essential food items.


Timothy Allenby, co-chair of ACORN’s Dartmouth Chapter, emphasized the disparity between the soaring profits of big grocers and the financial strain faced by consumers. He pointed out that while grocery chains’ profit margins have doubled since before the pandemic, many Canadians are struggling to afford the necessities.


“We’re hearing from people coming to ACORN that money just isn’t going as far anymore with what little they might have, and they’re left substituting in lower quality food,” Allenby stated.


ACORN Canada is advocating for government intervention to address this issue. The organization is urging the federal government to implement measures such as taxing excessive profits made by grocery chains and setting price caps on essential food items, similar to approaches taken in European countries.


“The people at the top have continued to get obscenely wealthy, while everyone who was at the bottom is suffering more and everyone who was in the middle is being pushed down,” Allenby explained.


The demonstrations come at a time when many Canadians are facing financial hardships due to the affordability crisis. ACORN members argue that the soaring grocery prices exacerbate this situation, making it even more challenging for individuals to make ends meet.


ACORN Canada’s call for action is resonating with many Canadians who feel the impact of rising living costs. The organization’s message is clear: it’s time for major grocery chains to stop price gouging and prioritize the well-being of consumers.


As of now, Loblaw Company Limited operates over 2,500 locations and is just one of the major grocery chains dominating the market with more than 20 food brands under its banner.


The demonstrations on February 10th saw over 100 ACORN members participating across the country.

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