On Thursday, February 22nd, NBCCD held an event displaying the skill and talent of their ceramics students. The event was called “All Fired Up: 38 Hand, 19 Pots, 1 Studio” and took place at the George Fry Art Gallery.


At the dawn of the evening the streets of downtown Fredericton were filled to the brim with smiles and excitement as people made their way to the George Fry Gallery to view the works of art on display—and they were not disappointed! Walking through the door, you were greeted with a beautifully lit art exhibit filled wall to wall with unique breathtaking works of art! Each piece told a story that was sentimental and specific to its creator. At the back of the show there was an array of delicious snacks and drinks to accompany the experience.


With the last of the onlookers scuttling their way into the gallery, the director of the ceramics art program, Liz Demerson, made her way to the front to greet everyone with a beautiful speech stating:


“In true nature of most ceramicists, this show has crept up on us. I found myself at around one month before the show, reminding everyone that it was coming up very quickly. We didn’t even have a theme or concept at that point, so, as every great team does, we brainstormed, we worked together and came up with a plan.

“We wanted to reflect the culture in ceramics. We are fairly down to earth people who love clay, love to make and are not afraid to work really hard to do it. We learn early on in our studies that the road to making pots that we actually love is quite meandering with lots of disappointments, but extreme rewards. We always have at least 15 things on the go at once and pots in every stage of production. This show has come at a time when we all have about 25 things on the go at once still with pots in every stage of production.

“So, in order to make this show work, we decided on a theme of favorites. All potters have ‘that’ pot in their stashes of pots, that they love but can’t sell or give away. You love it so much that you won’t part with it. It may live on your mantle or even in a box. It may or may not be perfect, but there is something about it that you love. It is your favorite piece up until now.”

Sitting in awe of these masterpieces it was clear that her words rang true! There were large and small pieces, all uniquely shaped and beautifully painted, and all accompanied by their creators!

As the speech concluded onlookers were invited to learn the stories behind the art and mingle amongst the talent. It was a night full of laughter, smiles and beautiful art and as far as NBCCD goes, they can label this night an overwhelmingly resounding success!


Be sure to keep an eye on NBCCD’s ceramics program and the wonderful work they are doing!

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