In a shocking turn of events, the Snacktivist rebellion on the University of New Brunswick campus came to an abrupt end yesterday as the notorious underground food smuggling ring was busted by university authorities.


The Snacktivists, a group of daring students, were allegedly involved in a clandestine scheme to provide affordable and tasty food alternatives, directly violating the exclusive contract UNB had with the infamous Chartwells.


Sources reveal that the Snacktivists operated covertly, distributing food in lounges and events, saving fellow students from the culinary monotony that Chartwells had imposed. However, the audacious move came to an abrupt end when the group was exposed by an anonymous tip.


The masterminds behind this subversive food trade were apprehended yesterday. As the news broke, campus authorities scrambled to address the situation. The UNB campus police released mugshots of the arrested Snacktivists, showcasing a collection of seemingly innocent faces now accused of ‘food rebellion.’


The arrests sent shockwaves through the student body, leaving many questioning their own food-related allegiances.


Rumours are swirling that even Sofie Erickson, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief at The Brunswickan, was allegedly involved in the smuggling ring.


While these claims remain unverified, eyewitnesses claimed they had been seen disguised as a pizza delivery person slipping gourmet sandwiches to unsuspecting students under the cover of darkness.


Allegedly, they also used their position to disseminate clues through cryptic crossword puzzles, leading students to hidden caches of food across campus.


We reached out to them for a comment, but they could only reply with a cryptic message: “I cannot confirm nor deny my involvement in the Snacktivist movement, but I do believe in the power of a good PB&J.”


One Chartwells executive who requested to remain anonymous remarked:


“We always knew crossword puzzles could be dangerous, but we could have never suspected just how much.”


The Snacktivists’ daring exploits had turned them into legends among the student body. Their ability to transform mundane campus corners into bustling food hubs had students savouring the taste of rebellion. The once-silent lounges and study areas now buzzed with excitement as homemade dishes and snacks exchanged hands.


However, Chartwells did not take kindly to the Snacktivists’ threat to their gastronomic monopoly. The Snacktivists’ success in providing quality, affordable food to their peers sent shockwaves through the establishment, leading Chartwells to terminate their contract with UNB. Their spokesperson was reportedly seen muttering angrily about “ungrateful students” and “outrageous food treason.”


As the news of Chartwells’ departure spread, a mix of relief and anticipation settled over the campus. Students, now liberated from the shackles of overpriced meals, look forward to a future where their taste buds are not limited by corporate contracts. 


However, whispers in the air hinted at a new question: What would come next? Would the Snacktivists’ legacy endure, or was this just a fleeting moment of culinary revolution, leaving the campus in mild suspense about the fate of their newfound food freedom? Only time will tell.

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