New Brunswick tradition is celebrated at Kings Landing this winter with their event, “Maple, the First Taste of Spring.” Every year since 1984, the historic village opens during their off-season to provide the community with an escape from the modern world and experience the simplicity of the past. 


Visitors can explore the historic homes and witness the demonstration of the making of maple syrup. From the tree tapping to the sap boiling, to the tasty treats, Kings Landing offers insight into the long process.


 “The most exciting part by far is the sugar and maple syrup demonstration so that’s where people can come and purchase the “long-licks” for $2 each,” says Chelsey Gould, Kings Landing Communications and Marketing Specialist. 


A long lick, also known as maple frozen onto a stick, is a classic Canadian treat that people from all walks of life recognize and adore. Many New Brunswick students have visited the local sugar bush during an elementary school field trip and fondly remember their amazement at the famous maple on a stick. 


The winterized 19th-century village setting provides an exciting atmosphere to experience the activities. Kings Landing leaves a scenic, yet cozy impression in the winter months. You can step back in time with the immersive attraction. 


A horse and wagon offer rides around the village to make the large space accessible, and step into the historic Gordon and Joslin houses for activities and maple treats. Recipes from the 19th century will be available on recipe cards to encourage visitors to bring the charm of the old days into their homes. 


Investment into historic processes and lifestyles can be a wonderful way to gain a new appreciation for patience. “The atmosphere sort of takes you back in time. You’re sort of transported to a different world. That’s not the modern hustle and bustle of everyday life and technology and devices, right? You’re transported back in time,” says Gould. 


Gould speaks of the joy this event has brought as seen in the photos, “it’s really peaceful and enjoyable. You can see where so many people are just smiling.”


Kings Landing is partnering with Luxor Shriners of New Brunswick to provide a pancake breakfast, along with eggs, home fries, sausages and drinks, with proceeds supporting Shriners Hospital for Children in Bathurst.


“[We’ll] be raising money for expenses related to children who have very complex medical needs. So it’ll support travel for children to their clinics that they support ambassadors or maybe for surgeons or doctors who they fly in from the Shriners Hospital Montreal. So it’s a community initiative.”


While this winter event allows visitors to fall in love with another version of Kings Landing, their regular season runs from June to October. Opportunities to work and visit will continue into the warm months.

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