Showcasing a spectacular spread of Atlantic Canadian artists, Gallery 78’s New Work!—open until March 11— provides variety in the extreme while maintaining a strikingly cohesive air.


Inhabiting the beautiful first floor of Gallery 78, New Work! features artwork from across Atlantic Canada, featuring seven artists. For New Brunswick readers, roughly two thirds of artwork on display is from the Picture Province itself.


Despite coming from a rather small chunk of the country, the types of work on display at Gallery 78 vary widely, including: paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures, and jewelry—New Works! has something for everyone. Not only do the types of works on display vary, but even the materials used in some of the pieces incorporate glass, metal, wood and wood all in the same work.


Despite the incredible variation of artwork and mediums on display, the entire exhibition flows together, and does not clash visually. Every piece certainly has its place and feels like it is part of a cohesive story—the story of local artistic expression.


Not only are the pieces local and gorgeous, they are also for sale! Every piece of art on display in New Work! is available for purchase. Many are available for generous financing options with no interest. The Gallery notes on a placard fixed to the wall:


“We offer a variety of services that aim to make art more accessible for all in our community. We recognize that clients may fall in love with a piece without having planned for it financially.” 


This system directly supports Atlantic Canadian artists, as it makes local art easier to consume, hopefully prompting more sales. 


Looking a little closer at the content of the exhibition, according to the Gallery curators, New Brunswick has some of the best metalworking and jewelry artisans in the country. For those unaware, New Brunswick metalworks and jewelry are well known from coast to coast for their quality and craftsmanship. Many pieces of jewelry are included in New Work! so be sure to take a closer look if you stop by. 


For those without the magpie’s eye for shiny things, the Gallery 78 curators noted that the majority of the work on display live on canvas, with most of them being paintings or prints. 


Of their canvas works, there is certainly something that any visitor can enjoy. From realist still lifes and photography to colorful expressionist pieces, variety is the name of the game in New Work!


Keep an eye on Gallery 78, as they rotate exhibitions every four weeks.


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