The Tipsy Muse, a community-based venue and cafe for the arts, serves as a social and artistic hub for creatives to share their passions and talents in a space well-frequented for creators, including Maritime artist Nat LaPlante. 

Nathalie LaPlante (she/her) Art is a self-taught Oromocto artist and high school teacher who decided to nurture their painting and creative abilities during the pandemic. LaPlante lived in Vancouver and explored painting the stunning scenery she saw, drawing inspiration from her home in the Maritimes. Her work has been featured and sold in several small businesses in the Fredericton community, including The Abbey, Isaac’s Way, and the Tipsy Muse Café.

LaPlante frequently visits to study and takes pleasure in the safe and welcoming space for everyone to share their love of the arts, music, and community, and describes herself as a  “busybody” who uses art to keep exploring and growing her skill sets, including sports and education. 

Her art is a means of expression with her preferred medium of acrylic paint, moulding, and watercolour. Her artistic style is wide-ranging, with a naturalistic aspect that communicates the beauty of Canadian coastline culture with vibrant and dramatic flowing lines and contrasting dark and light hues has a dramatic effect on the viewers and is emotion-producing. 

Her electric choice of soft pastels with cold dark green and blues creates a striking painting which would capture anyone’s eye when enjoying a snack, beverage or event at the café. Her curved lines and shapes give the impression of movement across the canvas: the dreamlike nature, their use of line and attention to intricate detail. 

Rob Pinnock, one of the co-owners at The Tipsy Muse, expressed that featuring art and music creates an environment for people to enjoy and share their work. It is a thriving venue for creating magical moments to foster creative talents or enjoy others. It is an intimate and approachable space for patrons to enjoy a coffee, listen to music, and enjoy art. 

The Muse understands the significance of having an inclusive art space for the public, and proves that art is expressed in many forms, from Nat LaPlante’s paintings on the walls to the mugs they serve their coffee in – all is art. 

LaPlante’s largest painting at The Muse is Fredericton (2022), a rhythmic composition of the Fredericton city skyline across the walking bridge. 

Fredericton is earning its reputation as a creative centre in New Brunswick, and is lucky to have many inspired creatives, including Nat, who contacted The Muse to feature her artwork. So far, two of her pieces featured at The Muse have sold, and she plans to keep making more as the owners showcase her skill. 

Follow her Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook – @natlaplanteart