Riannon McVay dreamed of opening a flower shop after working in the local markets in Fredericton, all the while envisioning the company’s potential to expand and continue providing a community space to the people of Fredericton.

It has been a long road to wind up at their current location “…and one of the biggest driving factors was that people wanted fresh flowers as kind of like a dose of happiness during the pandemic,” says Jessie Gagne, the shop’s plant specialist.


With the terracotta pottery and wooden shelves with pale pink accents, the boho aesthetic is satisfying to the eye and welcoming in nature. Not to mention the large Leonberger, Henderson Home was certainly in mind when opening the shop. McVay grew up on Hanson Road in the small town of St. Stephen, where she has special memories with her mother that inspired her love for flowers. Sitting toward the back of the shop, a little pink wagon with Riannon spelled in white lettering acts as an homage to her childhood. She would walk down the rural Hanson Road picking the wildflowers with her mother and make bouquets from the prettiest flowers they collected in their little pink wagon. 


McVay’s fond memories of her childhood have sparked a desire to create a primarily welcoming space. As a new mother, McVay intends to cater to the comfort of other new mothers and intends “to turn this into a little bit more of a mom and baby friendly spot.” Specifically, a place to comfortably breastfeed. Enclosed with wooden walls is the Pod. 


“That cute little Instagrammable spot, is what she wants to turn into something that’s appropriate and acceptable for women who want to breastfeed. Especially ever since she had the baby she’d be downtown and think, “‘Where can we do this?’ You know, with a little bit of comfort, not with everyone watching you.” 


 The shop has become more of a centre that offers a welcoming place for everyone, but providing privacy and comfort is a generosity that specifically gives back to the community of Fredericton. 


Above all, flowers bring people together. Colourful and lively, they bring smiles to faces instantly. 


“She opened up the store, like during the really severe lockdown where people weren’t even allowed to, like go to their neighbour’s house, but small businesses were open. So a lot of people would come into the flower shop and get a little dose of people that way.” 


Even in its beginnings, Hanson Road Flower Co. has been a place that draws people in and draws them together. Just like when McVay would pass out the bouquets of wildflowers she made with her mother, gifts are so often made out of flowers. 


“I would say most of the people who buy flowers from us, aren’t people treating themselves, they are usually treating others. They usually tell us like, oh, yeah, like it’s for my grandmother, or it’s my mom’s birthday. It’s always nice to see people treating others.” 


Providing connection, comfort, and flowers – Hanson Road is for everyone. 

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