From November 3-10, Fredericton will host Silver Wave Film Festival’s first in-person event since the pandemic began. With hybrid viewing options, and lowered ticket prices, this event is increasingly accessible to the public. 

Cat LeBlanc, Membership Services Director with the New Brunswick Film Co-op, shared her excitement about the festival being back in person. 


“It just feels so great to be back and then, to add to that excitement of having bums in seats in theaters, we have virtual screenings,” LeBlanc explained. “So, I think the one thing that was good about COVID, if you can say anything was good about COVID, is that it made us nimble as far as being a hybrid festival.”



LeBlanc was working with the Film Co-op 22 years ago when the festival was created. Tony Merzetti, Executive Director of the Co-op, and Leblanc wanted to showcase the talented filmmakers of New Brunswick. 

Tony Merzetti. Photo by Stephen MacGillivray

“We really felt that the stories people were telling here were super important. They were just as good as any films people made anywhere else.”


The festival features a wide array of different films, but LeBlanc feels that the New Brunswick shorts are the real draw for this event. 


“I would say that a big part of the festival are the New Brunswick Shorts,” she said. “We do have all kinds of other films from around the world that we show, but the New Brunswick shorts, they are why the festival was created. We really want to champion our New Brunswick filmmakers.”


This is an exciting time of year for the New Brunswick film industry, with many calling Silver Wave “Christmas for filmmakers”, and it’s easy to see why. The New Brunswick Film Co-op works to ensure that this event is accessible for everyone, not just members of the film industry. 


“It’s a really great way to meet people. People can volunteer on the festival which is a super easy way to get a little more involved and to get the lay of the land,” LeBlanc explained. “We have amazing screenings, we’ve got parties every night at the festival this year at Picaroons  Roundhouse, and people are very welcome in our filmmakers circles and in our creative community.”


Those who are looking to attend for the first time are “in for a crazy ride, because the filmmakers know how to party like it’s 1984!”

The festival will run from November 3-10, with information and tickets available here.

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