On April 2, 2022, UNB Reds Track and Field recorded a championship in the category of women’s triple jump. It was the first national title for Track and Field in the school’s history and second overall medal for the program. The competition was held in Saint John, New Brunswick. 

The women’s triple jump gold medalist, Lexie Shannon, is originally from Fredericton and is currently a 4th-year Bachelor of Arts student at UNB.  

iRun reported on the U SPORTS championship by the minute, saying: “As UNB’s Lexie Shannon made her way down the triple jump runway, the clapping [of the crowd] increased to a crescendo, culminating in an explosive hop, skip, and jump.”

She successfully finished six rounds with no fouls, and in her final jump, surpassed the mark of 12.08 metres established by her opponent Kristen Schulz from the University of Toronto. Shannon recorded a distance of 12.16 metres, ultimately claiming the gold medal for the triple jump championship. 

iRun reported: “Shannon [attempted] her final jump after what UNB REDS head coach called ‘Lexie’s best series’…. As [she] made impact with the sand, the building hushed, knowing this moment would determine the gold medalist. It was going to be close. And as the final measurement was announced, the crowd erupted with the UNB REDS winning their first ever U SPORT gold medal.”

While sharing her experience with UNB Athletics, Shannon explained that “[seeing Schulz’s record] definitely amped me up even more to jump farther. I just had to take a few deep breaths and focus on what I knew I could do. I’ve been really consistent the whole meet, and it just happened.”

“It’s so exciting, especially since I did it here at my home track,” said Shannon. “All my family was here – and friends – so exciting.”

REDS head coach Chris Belof also gave a comment on Shannon winning the championship: “Lexie is a performer in every aspect of the word. She’s an elite athlete who responds in the moment. She and her coach Carl McIntosh have worked so hard for this moment. She’s supremely talented. When we recruited her four years ago, we knew she was a supreme talent and it’s really nice to see that all pay off.”