To you, the local Indie sad boi:

How could I forget that day, when the sun was shining bright outside and you were standing in the shade of a random tree wearing your skinny ripped jeans, earphones in and nodding your head rhythmically. You loved to wear all-black but sometimes you liked to venture out of your comfort zone by throwing on a flannel, and I admire your risk-taking fashion experiment. 

Oh local indie sad boi, how could I ever forget your beloved grey beanie, the one you wore to every event. I admire you for your identical grey beanie collection or it might as well be just that one beanie because honestly I have never seen you with a different coloured one. Ever. (Maybe that’s a new challenge for you to take up, another fashion experiment? How exciting!)

I looked at you for the longest time, trying to figure out what music you were listening to, but you preferred to be away from the crowd and posing alone by that tree. I know your favourite pose, the one where you lean against a wall or, in this case, a tree, and your hands in your little jean pockets, except the pockets are basically non-existent so only your fingertips fit in. 

You liked to keep your lifestyle cool and unexpected, that I could tell because Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were the days when you would switch up your regular posture and prop your foot at a 90-degree angle against whatever you’re leaning on (and you’re always leaning on something). Your footwork never fails to amaze me. On other days, well, a good casual smoulder where you puffed out your lips made my absolute day. 

Oh local Indie sad boi, I do sometimes go down the memory lane just to see you posing alone underneath that random tree on a sunny day, earphones in and getting to business in those skinny ripped jeans. I like your consistent posture and how you could be adventurous sometimes in your fashion choice. 

There will be times when I will run into you again. It might be the quirky staircase where you get immersed in your emotional music-writing ritual, away from the city noises, or the local coffee shop in more or less the same outfit I see you wearing almost every day, and although I might not recognize you because your hair is always in the way and I have rather bad eyesight, I’ll be cheering you on, silently.