As the “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa is disbanded, politicians in Nova Scotia are being targeted by chemical attacks through the mail. 

Recently, six Liberal and three Conservative politicians received similar packages containing a chemical irritant. In all incidents, the packages contained manilla envelopes with the chemicals inside.

Liberal MP Andy Fillmore tweeted that they are, “working with the police to identify the person responsible before someone is seriously hurt.” 

So far, police have not made any arrests in connection with the packages. 

In an apparently unrelated incident, the Mississauga office of Liberal MP, Peter Fonseca, had its security cameras disabled and was set on fire this Tuesday. 

No injuries were reported in the fire and the office remains closed and covered by plywood boards. 

Former NDP MP, Lenore Zann, is speaking up after seeing what she believes is a rise in extremist sentiment toward politicians. 

Zann was the target of violent hate mail and social media posts containing death threats and Nazi imagery during her time in office. 

She fears that a rise in right-wing populism emboldened by the convoy will cause further attacks on politicians and result in higher security needs. 

Authorities ask anyone with knowledge of these incidents to contact them immediately.