The “Freedom Convoy” is well into its third week in Ottawa. 

The convoy has brought chaos and gridlock to the city. Now, counter-protestors arrive and are demanding that the convoy leave, going so far as to block the convoy’s route to Parliament Hill. 

Videos showed demonstrators shouting, “Convoy go home!” 

Emma Leger is a Masters student at Carleton University and is tired of the convoy being in her city. 

“I have made an effort to stay as far away as possible.” 

Even while trying to stay away, the constant honking and noise has been disruptive to her studies. Leger says the protestors have been hostile to her for wearing her mask outdoors. 

“I have been yelled at a few times as I walked into the downtown core for groceries for wearing my mask.” 

Leger would like to see the protestors be removed from Ottawa. 

“The convoy has been described as no longer a protest but as a siege and as an illegal occupation. I would agree.” 

There have been numerous reports of residents and business owners being harassed in the city. Leger says she has personally witnessed vandalism and trucks blocking main roads into downtown Ottawa. 

“I believe the occupiers should be forced to leave the city. There is a difference between coming for a day or two to protest and staying for weeks at a time, making life increasingly difficult for residents of the city.” 

For her part, Leger is in favour of the current COVID restrictions and mandates. 

“Restrictions are in place to protect people which helps businesses stay open and healthcare stay accessible.”

While Ottawa remains in a state of perpetual unrest, Fredericton has recently seen three straight days of protest in and around the legislature. 

Police were stationed outside of Fredericton acting as checkpoints for truckers entering the city. So far, they have only turned away large truckers who did not have a valid manifest. 

The protests continue despite the recent announcements by Premier Higgs that Level 1 will be coming into force on February 18 and that all restrictions will cease by the end of March when New Brunswick enters springtime.