On January 7, the UNB Student Union announced that it will be hosting a virtual Sex Week from February 8-12. 

The UNBSU will open a Q&A on all of their social media platforms with different themes and will be collaborating with many groups across campus. 

Each day is themed after one of the love languages, a collection of categories in which different people prefer to give and receive love.

Sex Week will begin on February 8 surrounding the love language of Words of Affirmation with Love Letters to the students from the UNBSU Executive, as well as a mirror talk featuring students sharing their personal words of affirmation on the Student Union’s social media.

February 9 will be Acts of Service, and the UNBSU will be awarding some prizes to students who participate, including a Me Time scheduling guide and a dinner date with the VP Student Life, Vishnu Vardhan.

On February 10, the UNBSU will be collaborating with NBCCD to give out DIY Valentine’s kits, which will be available for contactless pickup at the library at NBCCD. There will also be Council Cameos available for order, where Student Union members will send out recorded messages requested by students.

February 11 will focus on the love language of Quality Time, with a live “Let’s MukBANG Lunch.” This live lunch will be a Cultural Connections video highlighting how different members of the student community spend time with others. In the evening, the event will be Sexy Trivia with the 203+ center, a student group that provides a safe space for the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Physical Touch will be on February 12, with the UNBSU posting sex and body positive Virtual Valentine’s and doing a Good Vibes live sex toy unboxing. Information will also be made available from the University Women’s Center surrounding consent and communication. 

“We are looking forward to a week of fun, highlighting the importance of having open dialogues about Sex and Love!” said the UNBSU Executives.