Just in time for Valentine’s Day – the perfect way to spice up your date night without violating safety regulations!

We’ve established that dating during a pandemic absolutely sucks. How are you supposed to meet new people when you’re hardly supposed to meet anyone? Well, it’s gotten a little bit easier since the government introduced the ten person rule (if you’re willing to let Jake from Tinder be part of your bubble), but the options for what to do on a date are limited.

Even those who’ve been in relationships for months, or even years, are struggling to find things to do since everything is closed. And violating the COVID safety rules just for a date isn’t worth it either – no one wants a fine for Valentine’s Day. So what can you do when you’re cuddled up in an apartment somewhere, sick to death of doing the same thing over and over again? I mean, you can only play risky Twister so much, so what else is there? Takeout. 

I don’t mean regular takeout, where you order the same food you always do from the same restaurant. Oh no. I am giving you the coolest idea I may have ever discovered in my 20 odd years. Order takeout (pickup or delivery, whatever your preference), but do it right.

Start off by deciding how many courses you’re going to have – I recommend an appetizer, a main course, drink, and dessert, but you can add a soup course or a small salad before your main course if you’re feeling spicy. Once you’ve decided the number of courses, decide which things you’ll be sharing (do you each want an appy, or do you want to share?) and then move on to the fun part.

Decide with your partner where you will be getting each course. The rule of the game is that no course can come from the same restaurant, but you are allowed to both order your entrées from the same place and your drinks from the same place if you wish. This means you need to select a restaurant for your appetizer, your entrées, your drinks, and your desserts. Four places minimum. It’s a fun spin on a drive-thru game that’s become popular on TikTok. Only, instead of limiting yourself to drive-thrus, you can pick a restaurant, or even a favourite food from Sobeys. Be creative and get fancy. Valentine’s Day is coming up, after all.

If you’re a little stuck on how to do this game right, here is my favourite way to play – appetizer is spinach dip from the Cellar. Drinks – kombucha from Sequoia. Entrées? Pulled chicken clubhouse from Isaac’s Way. Salad? Beet side salad from Gahan House. Dessert? Just plain old Ben and Jerry’s from Sobeys. 

This is a really fun, easy, and COVID-safe way to have a fun date night. You don’t have to break COVID rules just to have a good time. Sometimes splurging on takeout can be good for your mental health.