With Winter semester comes another TEDxUNB conference. The annual conference aims to unite the diverse minds at UNB Fredericton, featuring both student speakers and speakers from the surrounding community, and encourages creativity, innovation and reflection. The independently organized TED event will take place on March 29 at the Wu Conference Centre, and features a networking event for the delegates.

This year’s co-chairs, Brianna McQuillan and Jackson Weir, were both on the director team for last year’s conference, and feel that their involvement deeply impacted them. For McQuillan, acting as the Marketing Director for TEDx last year was an “enlightening experience,” and allowed her to explore the UNB community. Weir felt his previous role as Director of Speakers enabled him to connect to others, stating that organizing the conference allowed him to “be involved and learn from some great leaders around campus.” As for TEDxUNB 2020, they hope to differentiate the conference from the past years, and provide a unique experience for delegates, attendees and the surrounding community. 

The theme for this year’s conference is TEDxUNB Blueprint. The team grappled with choosing a theme that was compelling, contemporary and indelible. They see “Blueprint” as a symbol for the vast opportunities that the future may yield—a guide for encouraging self-reflection, evokes anticipation and embraces failure. A blueprint is not a set plan, it is a path that facilitates growth and can be adjusted to fit new values, goals or opportunities. 

The director team, comprised of twelve UNB students from varying programs, is excited to construct a stimulating and thought-provoking experience for everyone involved. To see short biographies on each team member, and to find more information on the conference, visit TEDxUNB website or follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates on application deadlines for speakers and delegates. 

The director team is excited to construct a stimulating experience | Photo submitted by TEDxUNB team