Tuesdays in this pandemic are about to get at least a little bit better – introducing the most interesting thing to happen in the past two weeks: Taco Tuesdays at The Cellar. If you’ve been wondering where to hang out and what to do to beat lockdown blues, listen up, I have two words for you. Tequila. Shots.

Every Tuesday, the Cellar is promising exciting new eats, great company, and a shot or two, all on special. The only restaurant on campus that’s still open (pour one out for the SUB Tim’s) has been thinking of ways to spice up the social arena, and here is what they have to offer:

The Taco Tuesday deal is two tacos with a choice of side for only $10, with choices for crispy or cajun grilled chicken, topped with shredded lettuce, black bean relish, cheese, and guacamole, on a soft tortilla shell, garnished with cilantro. The cilantro is really what puts it together.

Beef Taco | Photo by Ryleigh Hatch

Another option, fish tacos, is served with deep fried white fish, topped with shredded lettuce, red onions, and chipotle lime aioli, on tortillas, garnished with – you guessed it – cilantro. Red meat lovers are bound to love the beef taco option, which comes with shredded lettuce, black bean relish, cheese, and salsa with – yes– cilantro.

Buffalo Cauliflower Taco | Photo By Ryleigh Hatch

If pork is your thing, listen, you are not left out. The pub serves a pulled pork option that comes with barbeque sauce, topped with apple slaw and jalapenos, garnished with cilantro. There’s also the Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos for the health conscious or vegetarian among us. It comes with medium-spice sauce, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion, and guacamole, and– yes it’s still going to be there – cilantro.

Pulled Pork Taco | Photo by Ryleigh Hatch

And the high point is that whenever you purchase a Tacos Tuesday Special, you can buy a shot of tequila for $2. That price for tequila is unheard of in Fredericton. Ryleigh Hatch, Assistant Manager at the Cellar, said, “We are hopeful that people will enjoy having new food to try out and be as excited as we are.”

What can be better this fall than hot, spicy food served with a shot of tequila? Quite literally there is nothing else happening on campus. The Cellar, standing next to The Bruns, is the last bastion of student culture. Taco Tuesday and the magazine are basically the only proof we have that UNB students still exist. We might as well enjoy $2 shots. Hatch promised that, “as long as people are enjoying Taco Tuesday, the Cellar will keep it running,” so to meet your end of the bargain all you’ve got to do is come out and have a great time! If you get $2 tequila cancelled for everyone else, we might sic Sharkie on you.