The term is well underway. Motivation usually runs high at the start of January, when we emerge bright eyed and bushy-tailed from the holidays with our new notebooks and fancy highlighters. But what happens once you’ve settled into the term? Once you start to get tired, and dare I say – disheartened by the fact that the term is once again online? 

There are a lot of things that can break the hold of all the Youtube meditation videos you did the first week of January. It could be the stress of assignments, or even a lingering sense of financial strain following the holiday season. Whatever it is, you’re not alone. It’s common for winter to be a stressful and difficult time for people. So here are a few small actions you can take going deeper into 2021:

Manage Expectations

You have to set realistic expectations for what you can contribute to work and school commitments. Don’t go overboard! Take time for yourself. It’s okay to say no to doing an extra meeting for a study group, or that you can’t take your friend’s shift.

Take Breaks

When it’s all getting overwhelming, just pause. If what you love doing is curling up with your pet, do it! If you want to bake, go for it. Do whatever makes you happy.

There is Still a Pandemic

It’s winter. It’s cold. Get your flu shot if you haven’t already, and remember to stay COVID-safe. It takes nothing out of you. Also, alcohol consumption actually suppresses your immune system, so please minimize it. Or (and this is a much more college-friendly option), just keep eating as you’re drinking. It’s a proven way to prevent getting too drunk too fast. And most importantly, remember that just because it’s boring in wintertime in New Brunswick, does not mean you can invite all your friends over for a party. 

Connect with the people that matter to you.

Quite a few people haven’t been able to see family since before this school year began due to COVID restrictions and guidelines. The result is many people, especially those who don’t have roommates, are spending a lot of time indoors with no company.  A lot of bad things could come out of this. If you start to feel lonely, connect with the people that matter to you, be it your family or your friends. There are numerous ways to do this. Choose whatever’s comfortable for you. Facetime, Houseparty, Netflix Party, even swiping through Tinder – find human connection in whatever way you can.