Remembrance Day is to remember and honor those who gave their lives so that people could have the freedom they have today. At the Fredericton branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Robert Griffin, Poppy Chairman and veteran, remembers his father. 

Griffin’s father joined the army in 1939 and was in Holland when the war ended in 1945. Every Remembrance Day he takes time to remember those that made it home and those that didn’t. 

“My dad was born in PEI in 1914 and was in WWII. I carry his picture in my legion uniform. He was my hero,” Griffin said. “It is up to everyone to have their own way to pay respect. Some need people around, and some have their own way to remember, and some of us have seen things that no one should ever see”.

Griffin enlisted in January 1975 and served until 1995, and he maintains that he would do it all over again if he could. This year’s Remembrance Day service was different because all attendants had to stay six feet apart. Many chose to stay further away, or even stay home, as a lot of Legion members are over 65. 

In his third year as Poppy Chairman, Griffin enjoys his position and looks forward to planning next year’s ceremony. 

“We hope to have everyone attend the next Remembrance Service,”  he explained, “and for everyone to wear a poppy, as we Canadians need to take a few minutes every day to be thankful for what we have and for what people do for us every day, without even knowing or wondering whether it is their job or not.”