to: my girlfriend

i met this girl when i felt most alone 

when the bedsheets swallowed me whole 

like waves 

i don’t think i ever recovered from the storm that hit my brain 

but you made it feel like a sweet hurricane 

i learned more about you than i did in one night 

than i ever did about someone else in years 

it was intense to learn so much about you 

but it felt new 

although we have only known each other for a week 

I started making the right side of the bed again 

and my mind came back to earth like an airplane 

i’ve felt more love than letting my mind become filled 

with dirty laundry in the corner of my room 

now you help me clean those thoughts 

and hold me tighter than no one has before 

and i wonder why can’t i 

write about you like the other times i wrote about past guys?

because every time i’m with you my brain 

has no other thoughts 

than what you provide 

i had to start asking myself 

to spend a night without you to see what it’s like 

but wanting to spend nights with you in places 

i had never seen before 

wooden cabins and waking up 

to homemade meals and coffee in the morning 

and making home cooked meals 

while your arms are wrapped around my waist 

makes me so in love with you 

i’ve been with you as many days there are in a week 

and i can’t wait to experience more with you as it is unique

from: keri

to: my pancake

my dearest love!! our fourth valentine’s day spent with each other approaches. you are the brightest light in my sky and i feel so grateful to be the person you choose to stick around. i hope this feeling never goes away. yours, always!! 

From: honey bunches of oats

to: the women’s swim team

love you gorls, keep on hanging in there.

from: margaret

to: mitchell

my darling mitchell, you make me feel something in a way i’ve never felt before. never before you has there been ever someone who made me feel so happy and so in love. i’ve been hurt by boys in the past, and just when i was starting to give up how you came along. your texts make me giggle; your snaps make me smile. sacrificing a nights worth of sleep to call you on the phone and hear your beautiful voice was so worth it. when i spend time with you, i am in ecstasy. with you the world in which i live has no pain, no hurt, no crying — just warmth, kindness, love. i feel safe with you. there’s nothing i’d want more than to be your boyfriend. when I think of you, the words of a 60’s love song fill my mind both day and night. and i can only hope these words can prove how i feel about you. 

“the night we met i knew i needed you so, and if i have the chance i’d never let you go. so won’t you say you love me, i’ll make you so proud of me. we’ll make ’em turn their heads every place we go. so won’t you, please, be my baby, my one and only baby.” i love you, mitchell.

from: a 

to: my eve

i love you my little baby fox.

from: mama

to: the king of comedy

you were born first, not too late. i was second, from a rib you lost a long time ago, in one of a million refractions of our lives. i hold you now and those years appear in constellations. you are surety, power – and i will love you, now and in the next. how could i not? we are not the same, but we were born from the same dying, iron heart of a star.

from: ophelia

to: my love

i knew from the moment i met you that you were something special. i remember trying to get closer to you every day, i know i was always safe as long as you were near. love, you make my heart

to: my past self

love is a crazy thing. it is the warmest feeling you’ll ever have, but it also hurts like a bitch. every time you get an out-of-character text you’re going to break down in worry, but every hug is going to feel like the world is perfect again. so take some breaths. love yourself first. it’s better for everyone that way. love is going to break you down and build you up again, but you need a steady foundation first. give yourself one.

from: my current self

to: billie

my dearest billie, It has been a wild year hasn’t it? i don’t know how we got through all of it, but i can say one thing for sure, it would have been pure hell without you. you fill my heart with pure joy and love, and every moment i spend with you, those feelings only get stronger i am so proud of you and everything you have done. you are the love of my life and i can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

from: mackenzie

to: arif hasan

sometimes, i just think back to the first time i laid eyes on you. 

i knew right then that I had found someone incredible but i didn’t know would change my life for better. you have been the best person, lover, and bf. sometimes, i wonder, what did i do to deserve you. you’re kind, humble, caring and unapologetically yourself. you have the mind of a genius and the body of a greek god and have loved and cared for me even when I couldn’t. your smile has the capacity to light up the whole room. you inspire me, everyday to be better and live life to the fullest. words are not enough to describe your beautiful personality. i have seen you smile and help other people during your worst days. you have always spoken against injustice and taken decisions for yourself. you have never let anyone else define yourself. you showed me how much a woman can actually be loved and respected. 

the love that you have given me is truly selfless. any girl would be lucky to have you and i feel grateful to be that girl. you made me come out of my comfort zone and see the beauty outside of it. taught me to appreciate nature and life in general. thank you for making an effort to make me laugh when i’m feeling sad. thank you for being there for me whenever i need you. thank you for existing. idk what life has planned for us, but i want my son to have all your qualities. i love you babe! please always be my valentine. 

from: anonymous