As part of their #KEEPITLIVE campaign, The Capital Complex has been hosting a series of show-stopping events starting on the 25th of March. A Britney Spears drag show, performances by Freddy-based band The Hypochondriacs, two Big Fun Duo shows, and Rock’N’Roll bingo, there’s entertainment for everybody who doesn’t want to spend springtime cooped up at home.

The Cap launched the campaign in late 2020 when the enforcement of social-distancing measures and other Covid protocols drastically reduced their revenue, and they were in danger of shutting down. 

Owner Zach Atkinson said the Fredericton establishment is built on supporting the local music and creative scene, and they wanted to be able to continue doing that. 

The campaign has been effective so far, as everyone’s favourite live music venue has remained reliable in the most uncertain of times.

The Hypos in particular were pretty excited to be performing last weekend.

“Playing at The Cap is something we have really been looking forward to since moving into Yellow. Ever since we’ve been a band, The Cap has been our hometown venue, and it’s near and dear to our hearts,” said band-leader Josh Bravener.

Bravener explained that the pandemic really affected every aspect of playing music. He said that a lot of the times they are able to play, it is at shows outside NB, but even that is being affected by border closures.

“Weaving in and out of the Red zone made it so we couldn’t even get together as a group to rehearse. One thing we miss pre-pandemic is touring. We love being on the road, it’s all we want to do. At the time, we took how special that was for granted. After a year of not sitting in stinky cars, eating crappy takeout, sleepless nights, and being totally broke, you realize how much you miss it and why you do what you do.”

They were happy to see all their friends, family, and fans last weekend and have some sense of “normalcy.”

“We are all really looking forward to being able to do this regularly again. For now, we are more than happy to have spent two nights playing three shows at The Cap trying to make someone there feel like things are getting better,” said Bravener.

All the shows are recorded, so if you missed any, just head to The Cap’s Facebook page!