In 1962, the University of New Brunswick built a new residence: Harrison House. Named after the first New Brunswick-born university president, Thomas Harrison, this house has a lot of (Halloween) spirit.

Although their house charity events are Rocks 4 Rights and Tossing 4 Toonies (both of which benefit the charity Right to Play), Harrison’s biggest event of the year is the Great Pumpkin Sacrifice, a mysterious tradition that started in 1973.

Their unofficial house motto is “Id Ingens Iactum Rei,” which translates roughly to “That’s so huge, let’s throw it,” a reference to the pumpkin that is thrown from the roof of their lounge every Oct. 31.

Being a “Harrison Husky” comes with several perks: not only is one allowed to take part in the ritual sacrifice that occurs on Halloween, but Harrison House is also right on the quad, which makes it an easy walk from almost anywhere on campus.

According to the house president, Louisa Gauvin, the building does have several quirks. One of the men’s washrooms has a “small secret cubby.” Which bathroom it’s in and what gets hidden inside of it are both house secrets.

Harrison House isn’t called the Halloween House for nothing– it also has its own resident ghost. “Marbles” can be heard around the house, but centres her haunting around the third floor. Sometimes thought to be a former UNB student, sometimes thought to be a poltergeist, Marbles has definitely made some students lose a few hours of sleep.

If Halloween, Harry Potter movie marathons, and playing pool sound like fun, then Harrison House is definitely for you.