In an email sent on December 7, UNB announced that it was extending its deadline to withdraw to December 11, and that students would be permitted to choose the CR/NCR option for fall classes. 

“As the second wave of COVID-19 intensifies in New Brunswick, so does our stress and anxiety.  The increase in confirmed cases and potential exposure risks directly impacts our health and wellness,” read the email. “In an attempt to ease some of these difficulties for students, UNB is extending the course withdraw date and introducing a credit/non-credit grading option for Fall 2020 courses.”

The option to withdraw gives students the opportunity to drop the course without penalty, with a grade of “W” shown on their academic record to signify the withdrawal. Students who withdrew after the initial withdrawal deadline of November 2 and received a Withdraw Fail (WF) will have their transcript changed to show Withdraw (W).

“Courses dropped before Dec. 11 will be shown as W on your transcript. W indicates the course has not been completed. W will not count as credit hours completed, as a prerequisite nor count towards program requirements,” explained the email, indicating that a W will not impact grade point average. 

The CR/NCR option may be chosen by students after receiving their grade, with the deadline set as January 8. Grades of A-C will be converted to CR, and grades of D-F will be converted to NCR. 

A mark of CR counts towards credit hours completed, while NCR does not count as credit hours completed. Neither CR, nor NCR, will impact a student’s grade point average. Students are advised to consult faculty advisors before choosing this option, as it may impact acceptance to graduate programs, law programs, and other future studies. Students in the Faculty of Law are not able to choose the CR/NCR option.

“UNB is here for you,” read the November 7 email. “We encourage you to continue supporting one another with empathy and compassion during this time of uncertainty.”