The first few days after a breakup can be brutal. It doesn’t matter who did the breaking up; the feeling of letting go of someone you care for is difficult. You’re somewhere between the snivelling, “was I not good enough?” stage and the final, “well good riddance! I deserve better!” stage.  Of course, there are always things to help you through this difficult time – family, food, and of course, your friends. In the time when your self-confidence is at its lowest, they are the ones who will remind you how strong and amazing you are on your own.

It always starts off as something like an intervention, and according to all good movies, this intervention almost always happens at dusk. They’ve let you wallow in sorrow long enough, they say, and it’s time to get over him! The night usually starts off with you remaining defiantly mopey (you just wish they would leave you alone and let you get back into bed). The drinks come out… lots of them, and then that glowy hype you can really only achieve in the shadow of four shots of Sour Puss arrives. You’re ready to talk about him, and you’re not sad anymore. You’re powerful. 

You decide a little peek at his Instagram won’t hurt. Your girls warn you against it, maybe even try to take your phone, but you’re too fast for them. You see his pictures post-breakup and he looks… normal. You might even find a picture of him with another girl. There’s disappointment that he’s seemingly unbothered, but if he can move on, so can you! You gulp the next few glasses more willingly than before. 

Somebody puts music on, maybe some Taylor Swift, and you dance, screaming more than singing. You pick up your phone to make that drunken phone call to the ex that everybody has done at least once and always regrets the next morning. This time, your friends do confiscate your phone. Fine, they can have it. This is the point where you realize that maybe breaking up wasn’t so bad. Everybody gathers around a phone, swiping through Tinder. 

“Does his bio really say that?” 

“Which one even is he, these are all group pics!”

“Wow, I’ve never heard that pickup line before.”

When you wake up in the morning, most of the night a hazy blur, your girls sprawled around the room, you realise how much you’re loved. Who needs him?

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