TikTok has gotten a lot of people wanting to be the “main character” in their lives. It seems inevitable that you are the main character in your life because… it’s your life. But what if you aren’t? That’s a reality many of us don’t want to consider.

And you might ask what makes me a main character? Well, according to TikTok, you should be able to take good photos and videos and be awesome at editing them, and lead a really crazy life (and, of course, it helps if you’re attractive). 

Some people begin to put themselves down because they are watching a one minute, glamourized version of someone else’s life. Because that person behind the screen seems to have it all: cool clothes, beautiful house, friends that want to go out – because that person seems to be the main character of their life for the minute that the video lasts. 

So, here’s how to be the protagonist of your life – for longer than a minute.

Be in control

All sorts of things happen to the main characters in books and movies, that’s what brings the drama and makes things interesting, but what actually captures the viewer’s attention and sets the plot rolling is how the main character reacts to whatever happens. So, whatever plot twist comes your way, remember that although you have little to no control over what happens to you, you are the main character, which means you have total control over how you react and how the story moves forward. 

Be Present

Sometimes you might feel as if you’re in the backseat of life’s car, and the driver? Your mind. Your mind tries to keep you in the past, wondering why that person did that to you, or in the future, worrying over whether or not you’ll get a job after graduation. What you should try to do whenever you notice this happening is take back control over your life and live in the present, because there is simply no time like it. It might not be easy, it’s human nature to worry, but it is certainly doable.

Don’t want what they have

Scrolling through social media, we find people with seemingly perfect lives and consciously, or unconsciously, we find ourselves thinking, “I want what they have.” Don’t. Everybody has problems, there is not one single person that doesn’t have one thing they are dealing with. The difference between you and the people you see on social media is that they focus on the good part of their lives and choose to present that side to the world. You don’t know what people are going through silently, so do not wish you had their life and be happy with yours. 

Focus on the good sides and celebrate the small wins, and you just might discover that your life is a bestseller.