The Orientation Chair and Vice Chair are in the midst of choosing RedShirts to help facilitate UNBSU Orientation 2021.

In an Instagram video released on April 7, they spoke about what is involved with becoming a RedShirt as they encouraged students to apply for the position. 

“RedShirts are the backbone of orientation week, as they are the first faces that incoming students see, either on virtual campus or physical campus,” they explained. 

While President Mazerolle has announced that the Fall 2021 semester is expected to be largely in-person, the Orientation team explained that this role will be essential even if the university returns to an online format. 

“Regardless of whether or not this upcoming year is going to be in person or online, your role as a RedShirt is going to be super important because your responsibilities won’t really change,” they said. “You are going to be engaging with new students wherever possible.” 

The team explained that RedShirts should be excited about participating in Orientation week, as it involves a lot of collaboration and communication. 

“RedShirts should be eager to collaborate and they should be relationship oriented,” they said. “It’s definitely super important that you bring, not only your love for UNB to the table, but also your team-working skills.”

Lydia Chong, an incoming BlackShirt for Orientation 2021, reflected on her experience as a Redshirt.

“Being a RedShirt in the past was an incredible chance for me to make new and lasting connections with students and peers I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to meet outside of my classes,” said Chong. “I loved being able to meet the incoming students and have doors open to more leadership opportunities.”

Chong explained that the RedShirt experience allowed her to grow and learn about herself and UNB, and she is grateful for the chance to participate.  

“Although I was initially outside of my comfort zone, I quickly felt a sense of belonging,” she explained, expressing excitement at engaging with students as a BlackShirt this year. “I hope to inspire and engage more students by showing them that our UNB community prides itself in diversity and inclusion.”

Applications for the position are open until May 31 and can be found on the Instagram page @unbsuorientation.