As the school year draws to a close, the Student Union Executive will change over to the newly elected cohort. While this year lacked most of the in-person activities that make life at UNB special, Student Union President Sean MacKenzie still found some memorable moments. 

For him, like many others, the transition to online classes will not soon be forgotten.

 “My first online class was memorable because of how different it was from an in-person class,” MacKenzie said, explaining that the technical difficulties caused some delays that made online class a unique challenge. “I am happy with how quickly instructors and students adapted to the changes.” 

Indeed, there are many students who would not mind if some classes remained online. 

Beyond classes, MacKenzie said the opportunity to attend the Global Gala sticks out in his mind. 

The Gala is an event recognizing the achievements of International, PR, and dual-citizen UNB students. 

“It was amazing because it allowed us to recognize and celebrate the diversity at UNB and to celebrate the accomplishments of individual students,” said MacKenzie. 

Other members of the Student Union Executive did not respond to requests for comment.