At the University of New Brunswick, sports scholarship holders will continue to receive their stipends and financial awards. This was revealed in an interview last weekend with UNB Reds’ Athletics Director John Richard.

The athletics director affirmed that, although Atlantic University Sports and USPORTS have cancelled all competition for the fall term, a decision on winter term sports, including hockey, volleyball, swimming, and track and field, has not been reached.

He explained that, despite restrictions due to COVID-19, all commitments to athletes will continue to be honored. Richard further assured that absence of competition has not slowed down the pace of training. 

“Reds student athletes, with their teams, are training despite the absence of competitions. Our teams were required to prepare extensive and detailed operations plans, and those plans had to be approved by the university before teams could return to training,” said Richard.

All training sessions must conform to extremely strict COVID-19 protocols, including screening, temperature checks, and following social distancing guidelines.

“There are limits to the number of people allowed in dressing rooms and locker rooms, so alternative rooms have been established for each team. Some teams cannot access their team rooms and must dress before they arrive at a training session. No one, on any team, is allowed to use the showers on any of our facilities,” Richard mandated. 

Richard stated that intensity, determination, and morale remain intact. He maintains that athletes remain hopeful for resumption of competitions come January 2021.  

“While there is no formal competition taking place, the opportunity to display one’s talent and ability remains,” he explained.