Khaleem Shaik

My name is Khaleem Shaik and this is my 3rd year at UNB pursuing Business Administration and minoring in Leadership Studies. Coming from India to pursue my further studies remains an incredible experience at UNB and proud to call this my home. I discovered my passion for advocating in improving food security on campus and my primary goal to create a social Entrepreneurship that resolves food insecurity. I’m working as Assistant Patrol Leader in UNB Campus Patrol, Student Senator and involved in various clubs & societies. Since summer, I tremendously worked hard to initiate “Annual Bus Pass for International Students, established Campus Food Bank and organized the Multi-Cultural Fest.” Further, I’m the Founder/Co-Chair accomplishing to start an Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference 2021 in Fredericton.

I recognize the purpose of being a Student Union President is the ablest approach to reach and hear every student’s voice and resolve the issues they are facing and to improve their student life experience better here at UNB. The past and present executive teams have done a tremendous output, and I aspire to advance within the way and create diverse ways to unite all the students by increasing service and events on campus that deliver more inclusion and opportunities to our community. Assuring the student union is performing the best path to equate all the students and contribute at UNB by bringing a real change and transparency. I firmly believe I’m able to lead and promote the UNB Student Union in a remarkable and significant path.

Sean MacKenzie

Hello fellow students, my name is Sean Mackenzie and I am running for Student Union President. Before I tell you why I am running for President, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Fredericton and am currently in my third year of Computer Science. I play on the UNB Rugby team and love being involved with events throughout campus. I currently sit on the student Union council as the Faculty of Computer Science Councillor and was recently appointed to be an acting member of the UNB Fredericton senate. 

If elected to be your President, I will have one goal, to work for and represent students. I want to assure that the Student Union remains transparent so students are aware of the work being done for them. What I have admired the most about the current Student Union executive team is their understanding of how to properly support students, whether it be through giving advice, encouragement, or listening to their concerns. I would set a goal to follow that same path.

I would like to thank you for considering me to be your Student Union President. It is an honour to have the opportunity to run for this position, and if elected, I plan to work my hardest on behalf of all students. I would like to wish the best of luck to all candidates and I hope that I will get the chance to work with a dedicated and hardworking team next year.

VP Internal

Grace Pelkey

Hi UNB, my name is Grace Pelkey. I am currently in my third year, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Growing up in Fredericton I have always looked up to UNB, it has been a symbol of success and family from before I even stepped through the doors. Since becoming a student here, I have realized that UNB is a place of more than just success; it is a place where we as students can be vulnerable and do things we never thought we could do. I have been grateful to receive many opportunities on campus that have offered me valuable experience for growth. When not in the classroom, my time at UNB has been spent collaborating with the Fredericton Global Brigades, the SJA Campus Response Team, UNB’s chapter, and as a Peer Mentor with the Faculty of Kinesiology.

My goal for UNB is for everyone to be able to reach their fullest potential. I hope that through the role of VP internal I will be able to eliminate barriers so students can succeed.  Alongside Lydia Chong and Téa Fazio, we hope that through this campaign we can create OUR union; FOR students, WITH students, and AS students. 

VP Student Life

Lydia Chong

Hey UNB! My name’s Lydia Chong, and I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. As a lifelong resident of Fredericton, I have always looked forward to attending the campus on the hill and I couldn’t be happier to have found my place here at UNB. The Student Union has played a valuable role in my personal growth, by providing me with opportunities to make new and lasting connections within the university. I’ve been able to give back to the UNB community through being a part of the UNBSU Student Experience Team, the Vice-president of TownHouse, a member of the Drink Smart Committee and the Advancement Committee, as well as being a RedShirt during Orientation week. The SU has proven to be a safe and supportive place for me to step outside of my comfort zone and learn more about myself and the university. I’ve been inspired by the potential to further grow the SU and this has motivated me to run for VP Student life in the UNBSU General Elections. 

If elected, I hope to help provide more meaningful opportunities for students to get involved and engage with the UNB community. I will aim to improve our current services, making them more known and relevant, in addition to developing creative ways to make events on campus even more fun and innovative. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to campaign with my amazing slate-mates Grace Pelkey and Téa Fazio. With our campaign, we hope to actualize our vision of the Student Union; FOR students, WITH students, and AS students.

Liam Lutes

Born and raised in Woodstock, NB just an hour away from Fredericton. I am a 3rd year business student majoring in marketing running for VP Student Life. During high school I was very undecisive on what I wanted to study in school. I originally was going to go to NBCC, but after spending a couple days there, I realized university was where I belonged. This is when I decided to transfer to UNB in order to pursue a business degree. From the first day of classes, I fell in love with UNB and the student body. 

Over my 3 years at UNB, I can honestly say that I have loved every moment and very proud be a UNB Red. From the coming here, I have been fortunate enough to have gotten opportunities I would have ever thought of. The most recent being the opportunity to serve as SafeRide Coordinator this school year. From this position I have learned so much and have gained experience I think would help me succeed as the VP Student Life. I also got to work with amazing people every single day! 

I want to be able to provide the same experience I had for both current and new incoming students. I want to promote and create environmentally conscious practices. Furthermore, to improve the current services like SafeRide, UNBSU Food and Garden, Drink Smart, etc and give students more opportunities and open doors for you! 

Vishnu Vardhan

A 24-hour plane ride from halfway across the planet brought me to the quaint city of Fredericton where a new chapter in my life began. My name is Vishnu Vardhan, I am running for Vice President Student Life for the UNBSU Executive Team of 2020-2021 and I have a few things to say about myself. Born in India but raised all around the Middle East made me see the world through a different lens, however, it is a view I have had the absolute joy of sharing with everyone. My journey to this moment started when I moved into Neill House where I was accepted into the loving arms of everyone even though I missed all of Orientation Week! this love never stopped coming and made me want to give back through being part of events that welcomed others into our arms through various orientation events. I am inspired to run for this position because everyone that decided to sacrifice important things in their life or even travel far to be here deserve to be made to feel like they belong. You are amazing and you deserve the best in life!

VP Advocacy

Kelsi Evans

Hello UNB family and friends, my name is Kelsi Evans. I am excited to announce I am running for the UNBSU Vp Advocacy position for the school year of 20-21. A few facts about myself: I come from the small town Quispamsis New Brunswick, I am in my second year of neuroscience, I am the current inclusion councilor of the student union, and I work for the Atlantic Student Research Journal as the executive of finance and fundraising and the director of logistics.

Being a counselor on the union this year has helped me grow so much as a person and student. I have been able to network with so many students and learned so many things about different groups and their needs as a student of UNB.

Representing the entirety of UNB as the inclusion counselor was a lengthy process, fortunately with a lot of consulting with many UNB students has led me to certain projects that seemed crucial to the UNB community.

I will take my learning and helping students in any way I can further with the position as Vp Advocacy. The slogan for my campaign “Diversity is a fact and Inclusion is our act!” has been something I have learned throughout this year from being on council. Inclusion is not a privilege but a right for all, and if elected as Vp Advocacy then I will continue the work of the current Vp Advocacy has been doing to make inclusion the first priority for every student.

Téa Fazio

Hi folks! My name is Téa Fazio and I am one of your candidates for the position of VP Advocacy with the UNBSU. I am a proud resident of Freddy Beach and in my fourth year of a concurrent Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics with a minor in Earth Sciences .

As a student, I am passionate about making concrete changes to break down barriers to our success and determined to implement programming to support our wellbeing, especially for those with extra societal pressures to challenge. I have been an involved member of the UNBSU council for three years, two as a Faculty of Computer Science Councillor, and this past year as a Student Senator. I am highly engaged in student advocacy initiatives. I have participated in outreach with the Get Out the Vote campaign, held the role of UNB Delegates Chair with Girls STEM Up, and worked at Advocacy Week with the New Brunswick Student Alliance to promote proposals focused on International Students, Indigenization, and Student Financial Aid.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and proud to be on a slate with two inspirational individuals, Grace Pelkey and Lydia Chong. Through the role of VP Advocacy, I would have the opportunity to enact meaningful changes and be able to openly listen to your thoughts on what will make our experience at UNB accessible, sustainable, supportive, and fun. I want to achieve a vision of OUR union that eliminates barriers to success FOR students, is engaging and approachable WITH students, and is relatable and real with everyone AS students.

VP Finance and Operations

Adriana LeFort

Hey UNB, I am Adriana LeFort, and I am running for the UNBSU VP Finance and Operations. Being born and raised right here in Fredericton has made me proud of our UNB community. I am currently studying finance in the Faculty of Management. 

Over the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to be an executive team member with Enactus UNB. Also, this past year I participated in orientation week as a Redshirt. Having first hand experience as VP Finance, I have combined my passion for the UNB community and sparked this campaign. 

I have created three campaign pillars I am truly passionate about:


Making sure you know what is happening 


Creating links with clubs and societies on campus


Taking responsibility for our actions 

February 24-28, I hope to count on your vote.