Universities Excluded from SEED Program

Finding a summer job as a student this year will be a little different as there have been some changes made to the Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program.

The New Brunswick government has removed the lottery system, which had been the previous system of allotting vouchers to randomly chosen students, and instead will have MLAs recommend employers. Each MLA will be allowed to recommend 22 placements in their riding.

The employers will also be limited to non-profit groups, First Nations and municipalities. 

Employers selected for SEED funding will be notified by March 31 and the job postings will be listed online for students to apply.

UNB Professor Helps Bring Home Gold

Professor Ryan Hamilton, UNB Psychology professor, joined the Canadian World Junior’s Hockey team in Ostrava, Czech Republic as the Mental Performance consultant at this year’s IIHF International Ice Hockey World Junior’s Championship (WJC).  

After facing a rattling loss of 6-0 to the Russian team during the preliminary round, Canada’s U20 team, with the help of Hamilton, were able to turn momentum around beating Slovakia 6-1 in the quarterfinals and Finland 5-0 in the semi-finals. On January 5, Canada won gold, beating Russia 4-3 in the final.

This comes as a great victory for the Canadian team, as last year the U20 team was unable to win a medal on home soil when the WJC was held in British Columbia. It also marks Canada’s 18th gold medal win.

Campus Vigils and Ceremonies of Remembrance

After the tragic loss of Iranian and Canadian students killed in the Iranian plane crash on January 8, UNB’s Persia team held a candlelight vigil on January 10 for those in the community to honour the lives that were lost. 

Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 was shot down by Iranian missiles leaving 176 dead, of that were 63 Canadians.

Prior to the end of the fall semester, on Dec 6 UNB held a vigil to honour the victims of the 1989 Montreal Massacre, which saw the deaths of 14 women. It is a National Day of Remembrance for the women who lost their lives. As many of those women were Engineering students, it is also a day of celebration for women in STEM and a day to emphasize the present gender imbalance in STEM.