Coffee Fest and a rainy Saturday pair well together we found ourselves saying, as Jack and I walked into the Picaroons Roundhouse. Many people attended the event, that was raising money for the homeless shelters of Fredericton. The festival had many different coffee roasters from all over town. All with different takes on brewing coffee, and highly caffeinating the masses.

One of the most memorable roasters was the sponsor of the event: Roticana Coffee. They had a beautiful story of a Turkish myth about reading your future from the grinds of coffee on your cup after you drink the coffee. The coffee left me feeling like I was buzzing after two sips!

From strong coffee to strong family traditions, Milltown Roasters have definitely had their foot in the coffee game for years. Katie Martens said that her grandfather started brewing coffee in 1971, and from there it took off. 

Her parents Melodie and Carl run the popular breakfast spot Coffee Mill, and this November they will be taking over downtown by opening Milltown Roasters across from Kings Place. This is Katie’s vision, following in her family’s tradition of coffee brewing. I know this is one spot I look forward to opening, as I need an awesome spot to sip coffee and read my books!

Among the people that attended the festival, we were told that the Fredericton candidates for the federal election were invited to come. Jenica Atwin, Matt DeCourcey, and Brandon Kirby all had a chance to say a quick comment and enjoy coffee. Andrea Johnson also made an appearance later on after everyone was done talking.

I have two things that I enjoy over everything: coffee and whiskey. When you put them together my little heart sings. Freddy Bean Roasters started in 2017, and they wanted to get into the coffee game but also put a spin on it. That is how their whiskey infused coffee came to be. 

“It’s subtle, but it’s there,” said brewer Jeremy MacFarlene to a customer. 

“It’s not subtle,” replied the customer with a laugh, who like me was hit in the face was a beautiful taste of whiskey in my coffee.

Cold brew lovers don’t feel left out! Heights Brewing was promoting their cold brew at the festival as well. They got their start in 2016 by selling their coffee at the market downtown, and said that in the last year they have opened their brewing store. Sandy said that the company is owned by her and her husband Promise and that she knows the coffee is good if her son Leo spits it out.

Scott Smith, the organizer of the event, was able to sit down with us for an interview. He said that this is Fredericton’s first ever Coffee Fest, and his first themed festival for charity. 

When asked about why he picked the venue, he said that he had spoken with Doug Williams, COO of the Picaroons Roundhouse, who was happy to provide the venue. 

Smith said at first it was only going to be a two year event deal, but with the amazing turn out he is hoping to make it into potentially a 10 year annual festival. He was also thrilled to have gotten one of the vendors to sponsor the event.

“Mohammad at Roticana offered to do the graphic design for all our posters.”

He said that he landed on the homeless shelters of Fredericton to donate the money raised to because they are the most in need. 

“They have to raise $600 dollars a year, so I knew they had some challenges and I wanted to do what I could to help them out.”

The first ever coffee fest was a huge success, raising $1272 for the homeless shelters of Fredericton, including the men’s shelter, women’s shelter, and Transition House. I look forward to seeing this become a huge success in the following years, helping out our little city.