Jenica Atwin has just been elected as Fredericton’s Member of Parliament, making history as the first female MP in the riding’s history, and the first Green MP outside of British Columbia. 

“They thought this wasn’t possible,” calls Atwin as crowds cheer. 

Supporters rallied at Picaroons Roundhouse erupted as the calculations came in late tonight, declaring Green Party representative Jenica Atwin the winner of the 2019 Fredericton federal election race. 

Atwin’s win makes her the first female MP in Fredericton’s history, and the only Green MP in Atlantic Canada. 

Jenica Atwin is interviewed after her historic win | Photo by Jules Keenan


“This is a historic win, we know that for many reasons, as a Green, as a woman. We just worked so hard for this moment. They’re talking about us here in New Brunswick, so it’s nice to know we’ve been put on the map in that way,” she said. 

Atwin won the riding with 32.8 percent of the vote, after an incredibly tight three-way race with Liberal incumbent Matt DeCourcey and Conservative candidate Andrea Johnson. DeCourcey and Johnson finished the night with 27.3 percent of the vote and 31.1 percent of the vote respectively. 

The rest of New Brunswick is a mixture of red and blue, with Liberal wins in Madawaska-Restigouche, Acadie-Bathurst, Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe, Beausejour, and Saint-John-Rothesay, and Conservative success in Fundy Royal, New Brunswick Southwest, and Tobique-Mactaquac. 

New Brunswick’s federal ridings results | Photo by Maria Nazareth Araújo and Jessé Moura

Atwin credits much of her success in this election to her presence in public spaces, through door knocking and participation in debates. 

“They saw us listening and learning along the way, so I think that gave them the confidence to really trust us with their vote,” Atwin said. 

She says she plans to continue this type of community involvement throughout her time in office, following the example of provincial Green MLA and party leader David Coon. 

“Regardless of where you put your X, we are in this together, and I will not leave anyone behind,” she said.  

Atwin is prepared to work with representatives from other parties as one of only three Green MPs in the House, notably on matters of climate. 

Jesse Maher-Watson contributed reporting.