Intramurals are a fun way for students to stay active. However, sometimes games can get heated and that’s when it’s important to have a quality referee.

Last year experienced some not so great reffing which can really put a damper on intramural fun. Luckily, Ben Law, Intramural Sport Coordinator has dealt with issues concerning absentee refs. Law says this year there will always be two people scheduled for games along with a supervisor “so no shows should no longer be an issue say Law.” 

To make sure that someone is there Law has an assistant stop in at the intramurals happening that night.

Law says finding referees is hard because students are often busy with school or want to participate in the game.

“Some sports are easier to referee than others you know and if a ref is picking up a shift they may not necessarily know the rules of that sport,” he said.

Law has thought about hiring certified referees but, since students don’t actually pay to play intramurals (except hockey) that would be impractical. Law says soccer referees would get about $35 a game “whereas here were paying someone $12.”

Last year there were issues with the refs not fully understanding their sport. Law said this year staff training was done so he could go over each of the sports to make sure everyone is clear on their roles.

“We go over their responsibilities whether that’s what time they need to show up, the equipment that they need, how to manage the games, and making sure that everyone playing is actually registered for those sports.”

There’s a lot for a ref to do per game and they are just students getting paid minimum wage. If someone has any concerns they can email