As explained in an article published by the Bruns last year, it can be really difficult to find nice sit-down restaurants in Fredericton that aren’t either fast food or big-box chains. Luckily, the Brunswickan has done some very tasty research to help students struggling to find places they can sit and eat in peace, without their ID.

Luna Pizza

91 York Street, Downtown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Chicken Breast Parmesan, $16.95

Luna Pizza is much more diverse than its name suggests. Here students can find pizza—of course—but also reasonably priced Italian and Greek dishes. Luna serves various types of pasta, as well as souvlaki and even barbeque chicken! It’s also an excellent choice on evenings where one may be frequenting bars or clubs, as it’s open late and happens to be right downtown!

Photo by Jules Keenan

Isaac’s Way

649 Queen Street, Downtown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Pulled Chicken Clubhouse with Dulse Fries, $15

This downtown favourite emphasizes local produce and ingredients from around New Brunswick, while also displaying and auctioning art by local artists. All dishes are made from scratch, and the restaurant offers gluten free and vegan options. As it’s just down the street from The Playhouse. Supper at Isaac’s Way pairs well with an evening at the theatre.

Photo by Jules Keenan

Gahan House Riverside

426 Queen Street, Downtown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Curry Butter Chicken with Half Gahan Spiced Fries and Half Rice, $18

Gahan House, while possibly best known for its fine brews, also has plenty to offer for those who aren’t yet of legal drinking age. The atmosphere is relaxed yet sophisticated, and the restaurant also displays art from local artists. Gahan House has a wide selection of specialty Maritime oysters, as well as unique dishes such as spinach and watermelon salad.


526 Queen Street, Downtown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Hand Rolled Grape Leaves, $6.99

The Sphinx restaurant is an amazing choice for someone wanting to try something a little bit different. Not only does the Sphinx have traditional and modern Middle Eastern dishes, but their meat is hand-slaughtered halal, which can be difficult to find in New Brunswick. 

Photo by Jules Keenan

Chef Rick’s

Inside the Boyce Farmers Market at 665 George Street, Downtown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Tony’s Prime Cut Steak Sandwich, $5

Chef Rick’s, which is located inside the famous Boyce Farmers Market, provides one of the best breakfasts Fredericton has to offer. Waiting in line on Saturday is worth it to experience this locally-minded brunch spot. Serving breakfast burgers, potatoes, and of course, oatcakes, Chef Rick’s is a must for any new student coming to Fredericton.

Tomotachi Sushi 

1168 Smythe Street, Uptown Fredericton

Sharkie’s Choice: Green Dragon Roll, $13.95

This sushi restaurant offers a crazy number of options, and caters to vegetarian needs. Tomotachi not only has sushi rolls but a variety of tempura options and soups, and is a great place to eat after a shopping spree at Value Village!

Beaverbrook Café by Chess Piece Pâtisserie 

703 Queen Street, Downtown Fredericton (under the Art Gallery)

Sharkie’s Choice: Any of their rotating sandwiches!

Not only is the Beaverbrook an amazing place to study, but it’s a great place to grab some lunch. It has café style eating, so the menu updates and changes regularly, but their pastries are always fantastic. They make a great treat after a visit upstairs to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery—which has free admission for all UNB students.

Photo by Jules Keenan

Wolastoq Wharf

527 Union Street, Fredericton (Northside)

Sharkie’s Choice: Scallops and Fries, $16

This iconic Northside favourite proves that not all of Fredericton’s best restaurants are on the Southside. Wolastoq Wharf has a reputation for amazing breakfasts. Ever wanted to try a lobster omelette? Here’s your chance!