Andrea Johnson helped make history last spring when she was part of the first all female Conservative Party nomination race in the Fredericton riding. 

Originally from Ontario, Johnson has worn many hats during her career. She began in tech startups in the private sector before moving into provincial government under an economic file. There she was in charge of inciting businesses to come to New Brunswick. 

She was inspired to come to politics upon discovering that a number of issues she is interested in are not being sufficiently addressed. Hoping to make tangible change in her local area, she considered involvement at a municipal level, before deciding to run federally. 

“I wanted to do something. I want to be able to make a difference, and represent people,” said Johnson. 

Johnson’s primary focus would be around making life more affordable for her constituents, also mentioning her passions for healthcare, taxation, and immigration. 

She believes current taxation rates are causing people to leave the province, and reformed immigration could help fill that gap. Informed by her work in provincial government, she thinks easing the transition educationally would encourage economic immigrants to settle and stay.  

“We need the best and the brightest to choose Canada. And the only way they’re going to choose us is if they can come here and have their credentials recognized,” said Johnson. 

Johnson prides herself on being what she states is not a “typical politician”. As such, she feels that she would be able to fully represent the people of Fredericton, even if it meant voicing opinions counter to the rest of her party. 

“I am not your typical person that’s putting their name on a ballot. I’m not worried about ruffling the leaders feathers or upsetting caucus. To me, you’re hired to do a job, and your job is to represent your people,” she said. 

As a single mother of four children of voting age, Johnson says she understands the concerns of the younger demographic. She encourages young voters to keep their representatives accountable, communicating the policy changes they want to see, and to go to the polls fully informed to cast their vote. 

“Start holding people accountable and challenging everything. Everything. If something doesn’t make sense, challenge it every day,” she said.