UNB campus boasts some pretty amazing places to hang out from the Beaverbrook Room at the Harriet Irving Library, to the Cellar Pub, but some places are better known than others. Here is a list of some not-so-secret secret places you may not have visited on campus.

The Head Rest Café– Located in Head Hall, the Head Rest provides the regular Sodexo café fare, but comes with a sweet sitting area and is conveniently located for a quick snack and study sesh between computer science or engineering classes! 

UNB MakerSpace– Located in Head Hall, UNB’s MakerSpace has something for everyone. This space has walls of 3D Printers in various sizes, design software, a laser engraver and usually has a friendly volunteer hanging around to show newcomers how to use everything. The facility is entirely free for UNB students.

Tilley Café– Located on the first floor of Tilley Hall next to the main lecture theatre, the Tilly Café features the standard Sodexo food—soups, pizza, coffee, chips, etc.—but also has some lovely booths, perfect for working on group projects, or for sitting down to lunch with friends without having to go all the way down the McConnell Hall. 

Forestry and Geology Building– The Forestry and Geology Building is located right next to the Science Library, and hosts a myriad of interesting places to explore. Up the main staircase from the entryway, visitors will find a small museum that hosts fossils, mineral samples and even some replica dinosaur skeletons! Rumour has it that the second floor bathrooms in this building have fossils set into their countertops…

Tunnels– New Brunswick winters can be brutal, and running through the snow to get to classes can be downright painful if the windchill is bad. However, there are tunnels that run from the Carleton-Tilley-Singer complex to the Harriet Irving Library and from the library to Kiersted Hall. To use these warm, luxurious tunnels to avoid the snow, simply walk down the stairways to the right and left of the main entrance to the library and pick a direction!

My Kitchen and Takeaway Meals– Any student living in a traditional style residence has to pay into a meal plan, and that usually means eating meals at McConnell Hall. However, many students miss cooking for themselves. That’s alright because McConnell Hall offers MyKitchen, a service where students have access to a stocked kitchen where they can cook their own meals, request ingredients, and sometimes even take cooking lessons! Still, some students don’t have time to walk all the way to meal hall during the day. In that case, sign up with dining services to get bagged lunches!