Current UNB president Eddy Campbell is poised to host a ballroom event at S-Club in honour of his upcoming departure.

Eddy Campbell has served as UNB’s president for 10 years and describes his experience at the university as very focused on campus life. He could be seen at every sports event and conference, engaging with the students he works to support.

It is for this reason Campbell felt it was fitting to conclude his time at UNB by engaging with students yet again, through possibly one of the most attended events on campus: a College Hill Social Club ballroom event.

“All of my best memories throughout my time here have been surrounded by students, and so it felt necessary to leave on an occasion of giving back to them,” Campbell said in a statement.

The event will be held on Thursday, April 11, in coordination with the last day of classes and Last Class Bash.

Social Club management described a slight hesitation when first approached with the offer, as it is the first event of this nature they have hosted. After much consideration, however, the unique experience compelled them to agree.

“You don’t exactly hear this type of offer every day, and we figured we shouldn’t pass up the chance to see Eddy Campbell show his moves on the dance floor,” management said.

S-Club management is anticipating high levels of attendance compared with other end-of-semester ballroom events, and believes the night will be an overall success. They mention certain changes they might make to the typical event in honour of Campbell’s hosting.

“Well, most of the events have been themed, like the beach party, or New Year’s Eve, so we’re thinking of a few potential options,” they said. “It’s still in the planning process, but I think if we were to invite everyone to wear red ties it would add a lot to the event.”

Students have had mixed reactions to the idea of a farewell party in place of a typical ballroom night. One frequent clubgoer noted the uncommon nature of the event.

“I mean, I’ll still go. But it’s a bit of a strange thing, isn’t it?” she said.

Another student appeared unsure of the purpose, but was excited to participate nonetheless.

“I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know who Eddy Campbell was until right now,” he said. “But I love a ballroom event.”

A popular UNB slogan was employed by one prospective attendant, marvelling at such a rare experience.

“#Only Here,” he said, laughing.