Old Navy is opening up a location in Fredericton, and residents have mixed opinions on the addition of the clothing retailer to the Regent Mall.

On Jan. 14 the shopping centre released a document of an updated floor plan, which shows H&M, one of their largest tenants, being replaced by Old Navy.

The image shows Old Navy between Lawton’s and Sportcheck, where H&M is currently located. This change coincides with H&M closing its location on Jan. 28.

Both H&M and Old Navy are clothing and accessory companies for men, women, teenagers and children. However, Fredericton residents appear to be divided on the two brands.

Olivia Stymiest, a third-year St. Thomas University student, said she doesn’t expect people her age to shop at Old Navy often.

“As a university town, a large portion of the Fredericton population is young people, and I think H&M is a better store for them,” Stymiest said.

H&M closed its location at the Regent Mall in Fredericton on Feb. 28. Pictured above is the shuttered store. | Photo: Alexandre Silberman

Vanessa Rennie, a University of New Brunswick student, said she prefers H&M.

“Old Navy seems to be less attractive to the younger demographic than H&M,” Rennie said.

In contrast, older residents say they look forward to Old Navy opening up.

Nancy Hartland, 47, said she likes Old Navy’s frequent sales and affordable clothing prices.

Stacy Evans, 53, is also excited about the change.

“Personally, I see H&M as a clothing store for young adults and not so much for older adults,” she said.

Old Navy plans to open in the Regent Mall in September.