UNB has many clubs and societies offering diverse opportunities for students. This week, The Brunswickan is featuring the UNB Debate Club.

The Debate Club is somewhat new to UNB, as it was founded during the winter semester of 2019 by Geoffrey Noseworthy and Dylan Hubble.

This semester, the club has meetings every Wednesday starting at 6:30 PM in Tilley Hall, room 224. 

In the meetings they review any general updates the club has such as open positions, upcoming tournaments and the introduction of new members. The opening is followed up with a weekly casual debate, which consists of two opposing sides. The two teams have the opportunity to speak twice, deliberating the main point and then a rebuttal. 

The weekly debates intend to allow students to build skills that are harder to grow outside of the clubs, explained Noseworthy. Some of those skills include peaceful discussions and conflict de-escalation.

Activities of the club also include participating in competitive debates across Atlantic and possibly Central Canada and hosting a debate tournament on campus.

In the past, the club has had the opportunity to attend a debate competition at Saint Thomas University. There were only three participants on that competition, as the club had only just been created. However, Noseworthy said it was a fantastic experience that gave them opportunities for growth and development.  

Furthermore, they have a weekly radio show called The Public Debate. The show airs on CHSR 97.9 FM at 9:00 PM every Thursday. The radio show allows students to build skills in conversational debate, public speaking and presentation. The show also offers students the chance to have their voice heard by the public. Students have the opportunity of expressing what they believe needs to be said about topics they feel strongly about. 

The club stays open to any debate topic, with discussions ranging from major political issues such as immigration, to more simple things like sports. 

“Our only rule is no debating about the existence of or right to life and freedom of any identifiable groups such as sexuality, gender, race, religion, disabilities, among others,” said Noseworthy.

Members of the Club

Membership in the club is rising this year. Noseworthy told us that they have an average of six people attending the meetings, and the other three to four are unable to attend due to their class schedule. However, with more members joining the club, they expect to have an average of ten people per meeting.

Members should always expect an open and welcoming environment, which intends to turn possible arguments into fun and enlightening discussions and debates. The club also helps members develop and hone debate skills, and the ability to have peaceful discussions about controversial topics. Public speaking skills will also be developed which are important in almost any career path.

Getting Involved

To get involved in the club you can attend the weekly debates, apply through Facebook and join the competitive team, or join the radio show by contacting Noseworthy through the facebook page or club email. 

Executive Team

The executive team consists of Geoffrey Noseworthy as Prime Minister, Dylan Hubble as Second Minister, Ojaswi Josji as Minister of Competition, Jharana Luitel as Minister of Media, and Arif Hassan as Minister of Administration.