Board of Governors

Richard Du

Richard Du is a candidate for the UNB Board of Governors.

Candidate bio

My name is Richard Du and I am currently in 5th year mathematics at UNB. I have fallen in love with UNB and will be starting law here next fall. I love music, food, skiing, cycling, and I have a larger-than-average sized head (which makes shopping for ski/bike helmets hard). This year, I had the honour of serving as your UNB Student Union president.

Why do you want this position?

This year, I had the opportunity of sitting on the UNB Board of Governors. Students like us are usually elected to the Board of Governors for a one year term. A lot of progress can definitely be made in a year. However, the learning curve for the Board is steep. Given that most of the 40 other non-student Board members have been serving for a long time, re-election to the Board as your student representative will ensure that you have the strongest student voice possible.

What is your history of involvement or leadership on campus?

I have dedicated a lot of my time at UNB to serving the student community and have loved every minute of it. I was the co-founder and co-chair of the UNB Mathematics Society and TEDxUNB, UNBSU orientation chair in 2017, UNBSU marketing manager in 2017-2018 and most recently this year, your UNBSU president and student representative on the UNB Board of Governors.

What unique skills or experience would you bring to the position?

To successfully navigate the Board of Governors, you require an understanding on how different parts of our campus operates, which I have learnt from experience over the past few years. If re-elected, I would bring yet another year of this experience and use it represent students as best as I can.

What is a fun or surprising fact about yourself?

I was born in a small town in northeastern China and moved to Canada when I was 8.