Critical Outcome

  • Financial accountability for Brunswickan Publishing Inc;
  • President of Board of Directors

Key Activities

  • Manages the day-to-day operation of the company;
  • Presides at all meetings of the Brunswickan;
  • Sits as a member of the Board of Directors;
  • Provides advice and guidance to the Board of Directors of Brunswickan Publishing Inc. on the direction and policies of the newspaper;
  • Oversees the financial management of the company;
  • prepares the annual financial reports and financial budgets;
  • acts as a signing officer for Brunswickan Publishing Inc.;
  • review contracts, documents, and any other instruments to ensure all terms and conditions adhere to the direction and policy of Brunswickan Publishing Inc. and to sign documents on behalf of Brunswickan Publishing Inc. which meet the company’s specifications;
  • review and approve requests for expenditures which are within the newspaper’s policies and guidelines and sign requisitions for payment, cheques, and other financial instruments;
  • Implements the policies as decided by the Board of Directors and ensure that all sections of the newspaper adhere to these policies at all times;
  • Acts as the company’s Human Resource Representative
  • Ensures that a comfortable and engaging atmosphere is present for all members and non-members;


  • Ability to lead a team of employees and volunteers;
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing to promote the effective and efficient communication between the members and the Board of Directors;
  • Organizational and project management skills to set direction and implement work plans;
  • Interpersonal skills, including tact and judgement, to work with the Members, the Board of Directors and the clients of the paper;
  • Knowledge of the managing of a business including determining direction and overseeing day-to-day operations;
  • Knowledge of financial management of a business;
  • Ability to make decisions;
  • Negotiation skills and conflict resolution skills are required to work with the team of volunteers and with supplies and printing companies;
  • Knowledge of journalism and media industry an asset.

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To Apply:

Submit your resume and cover letter to by Nov. 12. Due to high volume of applications we will only contact those selected for an interview.