Engineering and education faculties pass motions

Alex Walsh / The Brunswickan
Photo Alex Walsh / The Brunswickan

UPDATE, Apr 3, 4:10 p.m.: An earlier version of this story noted Marcelo Santos as the chair of the faculty of engineering. UNB engineering and education faculties passed motions regarding their confidence in the university senior administration on Wednesday. The engineering faculty passed a motion of non-confidence. It passed with 36 in favour, 6 against […]

UPDATED: Science faculty pass non-confidence motion

Karsten Saunders / The Brunswickan
Photo Karsten Saunders / The Brunswickan

The UNB science faculty passed a non-confidence motion against the UNB senior administration on Monday. The vote passed with 41 in favour, 4 opposed and 4 abstentions. This is the third faculty on campus to pass the motion after the business and arts faculties passed their own in the last two weeks. The science faculty […]

No confidence | Arts faculty passes non-confidence motion against UNB administration

Alex Walsh / The Brunswickan
Photo Alex Walsh / The Brunswickan

The UNB arts faculty has passed a non-confidence motion against the senior administration, and it looks like other faculties may follow. The arts faculty passed the motion last Thursday at their faculty council meeting. The reasons for the motion were that the senior administration, referred to as the University Management Committee, has “mislead key stakeholders […]

When fashion meets activism | Students launch Wear Your Label business venture

Mental illnesses are invisible. Or at least, they were. But two young entrepreneurs are looking to change that. Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed are co-founders of a business project called Wear Your Label, which produces fashionable clothing with mental illness labels such as “anorexic” or “bipolar” prominently displayed. “It’s basically un-labeling by labeling. So [it’s […]

SPOOF: Red Bombers to enter into lingerie league

By: Lebron James Coach Dike Mollimore announced Friday the Red Bombers will be changing their look. But don’t worry; they’ll still look as good as before — even better. “We’ve decided to enter into the lingerie league,” said Mollimore. “I think it will give us an advantage over the rest — more aerodynamic.” With the […]

SPOOF: Stapled condoms an inside job

By: Lou Zappa The provincial government has announced that last September’s stapled condom fiasco on campus was in fact incited by them in an attempt to increase the province’s population. “Look, we all know the province’s horny kids can’t control themselves,” said the deputy minister of population growth. “We had to try and make the […]