Jazz pianist Michael Kaeshammer is performing at the Fredericton Playhouse on November 17. A multi-talented act, who ventures at once in piano-playing, songwriting, and producing, Kaeshammer is touring the country from East to West to promote his most recent album, The Warehouse Sessions


The Fredericton performance is one of the earlier installments of his nationwide tour, which started in Saulnierville, NS, and will end in Courtenay, BC. Fredericton’s November 17 concert is one of two dates in New Brunswick, along with a performance in Moncton on the day before. 


Kaeshammer was interviewed by The Brunswickian regarding his music and upcoming performance at the Fredericton Playhouse. 


“I am looking forward to performing in Fredericton,” he stated. “Fredericton is a great town and the Playhouse is a great venue.” 


This is, of course, not the first time that Kaeshammer has performed in Fredericton. He was, in fact, scheduled to perform on April 1, 2020, but the concert was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“We are going across the country from East to West, so by the time we get to Fredericton, I think we will be played in and rocking.” 


One of Kaeshammer’s greatest qualities, as has been widely reported, is his versatility. Not only as a triple threat — at once pianist, songwriter, and producer — but also as an artist that crosses the boundaries of musical genres. 


“Well, for me it is all kind of one,” he said, “but I draw a lot of inspiration from classical jazz, blues, rock and roll, all these different styles.” Most interestingly, he noted that he does not “think of styles.” 


Kaeshammer continues: “I think they just kind of come through in my music.” This way, he notes, one can “create something that is your own without trying to be a jazz player or a pop musician.” 


As a passionate musician of diverse influences, he definitely is not held back by arbitrary boundaries and labels. “Just play some tunes, play some good music, and people will enjoy it.”


In terms of playing music, Kaeshammer is excited to perform his most recent tunes on his tour. “It is the last songs that you write that are the favourites, because they are the newest, and that is why you write them.” Nevertheless, he named a particular song among these: “There is a tune, Turn It Up, which I love.” 


He is eager to perform it live, “basically, because it gives me a chance to showcase my piano skills, but it is also very upbeat.” He predicts that the audience will “definitely groove along” to this song, which has a message of positivity in life. 


“Especially with everything going on in the world,” he notes, “maybe stepping back and being in the moment and enjoying it.” Fostering this connection with the public is a key element of performance, and Kaeshammer is aware of it. “The music is almost just a vehicle to get everyone in the same room,” he states.


Tickets to Michael Kaeshammer’s performance are available on the Playhouse’s website, here.

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