Getting up for an early morning class can be difficult. It’s not as if anyone actually enjoys waking up early. So it’s easy to fall into a pattern of just grabbing your phone off the bedside table, opening Teams, joining the meeting, and falling asleep again. Many of us miss out on breakfast, feeding our pets, or getting a morning shower. Routines have been destroyed by quarantine. 

But you don’t have to miss out on breakfast. Even if you want to sit on the couch and do your class in your underwear, you don’t have to go hungry. Instead, make something the night before so you have a nice breakfast for the morning. And no, I don’t mean make bacon and eggs the night before, or to prepare some kind of elaborate pancake breakfast – I’m talking about overnight oats.

It’s not difficult to make at all. They can be any flavour you like, they’re packed with protein, and they taste pretty good for a cheap college kid meal. It certainly beats eating Mr. Noodles at 8:30 a.m. You can spend five minutes before bed throwing things into a jar and have a three or four star breakfast (out of five) the next morning.

Overnight Oats


-½ cup oats

-½ cup milk

-1tbsp chia seeds

-1tbsp plain yoghurt (kefir also works)


-Take a jar and combine all the ingredients. Put it in the fridge overnight. 

-In the morning, grab a couple toppings and throw them all in the jar. Enjoy your breakfast.

In terms of toppings, the sky’s the limit. You can add peanut butter, you can add frozen fruit – there are a million recipes online talking about ways to flavour your overnight oats. Coffee Greek yoghurt and maple syrup give you Canadian cold brew oats! It’s all your choice. And it never takes more than the absolute minimum of efforts.