Listen up vegans and vegetarians of Fredericton – you left the patties of cow guts behind – but you’re still wasting time on those greasy “Beyond” burgers? Ditch those nasty patties and order from one of Freddy Beach’s amazing vegan options.

When I first went vegan, almost 14 years ago, when asking for vegan options at a restaurant, the server would say, “We can do a salad… without the dressing…?” Now that veganism is more popular than ever, there are more choices for eating out. Freddy Beach is flooded with delicious Vegan menu items, and as someone who has seen the options grow steadily over the past decade, I’m here to provide you with the rundown.

Without further ado, here are the best options for eating vegan in Fredericton:

Best Delivery – Cinnamon Cafe

With a menu that is entirely vegan or vegetarian, Cinnamon Cafe offers tasty Persian meals with a unique blend of other favourites. Their commitment to a cruelty-free menu makes it the best option when you want someone to bring dinner to your door.

Recommended Dish: Lentil Doll Soup and the best vegan Baklava you’ve ever had

Honourable mention: J’s Asian Kitchen (limited options)

Best Dine-In – The Abbey

One can’t talk vegan dining in Fredericton and not mention everyone’s favourite healthy lunch cafe, The Abbey. With an all-vegan menu with many items that cater to the taste of non-vegan diners, this is the go-to place to convince your picky eater friend to try something vegan.

Recommended Dish: Any of their burritos or their vegan caesar salad

Honourable mention: Isaac’s Way (limited options)

Best Food Truck – Veg Out

Found all over the city, from Boyce’s Farmers Market to outside The Cap, Veg Out serves vegan wraps, sandwiches, and more, with generous portions of savoury seitan (vegan bread) that could make any mouth water.

Recommended Dish: Vegan Chicken Parm

Honourable mention: Dee’s Quiet Cafe

Best Market Food – Zensation

Now serving at Fredericton Market at the Ex on Smythe Street, Zensation specializes in sweet and savoury vegan dim sum. Once you get a taste for their friendly service and addicting steamed buns, you will keep going back.

Recommended Dish: Garden delight

Honourable Mention: Fuller Confections (at the Boyce Farmers Market) and Saffron Indian (at the Cultural Market)

Best Northside Vegan Option – Hana’s Ethiopian Cafe

There is no lack of delicious international food in Fredericton. Ten years ago there were no good vegan options to be found on the Northside. Now, Hana’s Ethiopian Cafe is offering tasty, affordable, healthy vegan options on our ever-burgeoning Main street.

Recommended Dish: Combo of 3 vegan dishes